The Right Influencer Type for Your Campaign [Infographic]

What is the correct Influencer Type for your Advertising Campaign?

We decided to create an infographic to help explain: what is influencer marketing, the three main types, choosing the right size, and a step by step approach to gauging influencers 


If you’ve ever had a close acquaintance personally recommend a product or service, you’ve experienced influencer marketing firsthand. In fact, these types of suggestions are more valuable than any other type of advertising and are an excellent way to turn potential shoppers into loyal consumers. But getting this to work for your business can be tricky — even if you’re only considering working with an influencer on a small scale. Regardless of the scope of your marketing goals, factors such as authenticity and trust are crucial to an effective influencer-driven ad campaign.

Word-of-Mouth Influencer Recommendations

First, authenticity is important precisely because word-of-mouth recommendations are known to be effective; customers are used to seeing them and eagerly seek them out, so shoppers are pretty adept at spotting “personal” suggestions or reviews that aren’t heartfelt. Second, trust is a vital factor, both when it comes to the credibility of the influencer (that is, the audience’s trust of the influencer) and your ability to give that influencer creative license to talk about his or her experience with your product or service in a genuine, natural way. You must consider these and many other factors carefully before moving forward with your campaign.


Influencer marketing is a complex strategy that can’t be explained in a few short paragraphs. Let this be your starting point for further research into this potentially fruitful area for your business. Read through this infographic by CopyPress and Intellifluence, and take a closer look at the ins and outs of influencer marketing and whether it can be a viable strategy for you.