How to Improve SEO and Increase Site Visibility [Infographic]

Search engine optimization, link building, infographics — if these terms are foreign to you, your business is already behind. These are all important pieces of a successful marketing strategy in the modern era. Many customers will judge your business entirely on what they see of you online, from reviews left by customers to your own posts on social media. You need them to leave them with a good impression of your product, your brand, and its personality.


The three terms mentioned above play important roles in content marketing. Where traditional advertising can seem heavy-handed and direct, content marketing takes a more natural approach. Companies create content that their customers will find valuable, make it relevant to their brand, and share it through social media to ensure that it reaches the target audience. Although this approach may sound simple, making the most of content marketing requires knowledge, experience, and creativity. You have to get to know your customers, appeal to their interests and invite them to interact with you.

For content marketing to work, you need to highlight your product without coming across as "salesy"; Content should seem more focused on the customer than it is on your brand. One of the best ways to accomplish that is by partnering with other companies, content creators, and industry influencers. A third-party blog post about spring cleaning tips that links organically to your vacuum company's website may carry more weight with customers than a post on your company Facebook page.

Not sure where to start? Check out our infographic or download the full whitepaper on increasing the quality of your link profile.