How to prepare for AdWords expanded text ads and device-based bidding

By now, youve heard about all of the ultimate Google AdWords as well as Google Analytics updates voiced at Googles Performance Summit. The twomain changes coming to AdWords include stretched content ads as well as the ability to bid by device. Many articles have been written about what these updates mean for advertisers, though currently you wish to concentration upon how you can hope for for these changes.Before you begin, you wish to emphasize that the strategies summarized have been theory-based, rsther than than tried-and-true methods. Similar to when Enhanced Campaigns rolled out, advertisers face the certain unknown.Based upon what you know of AdWords as well as our experience, these strategies have been logical, though you wont know the true stroke until all updates have been fully rolled out.Expanded content adsWith the move to double headlines as well as longer descriptions, the approach content ads will need to be written has changed. In fact, every content ad in all campaigns will eventually need to be written utilizing the brand brand new format. Needless to say, advertisers will be spending the significant volume of time this summer writing brand brand new copy.Having gifted whats ahead, advertisers who have been already making use of extended headlines (where outline line 1 is combined with the headline) will have less work. Instead of carrying to write twoheadlines, the existing title as well as first outline line can be recycled as the brand brand new double headline.[Read the full article upon Search Engine Land.]Some opinions voiced in this article may be those of the guest author as well as not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors have been listed here.

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