The Importance of a Brand Style Guide [Infographic]

How To Create a Style Guide

Style Guide Infographic

When you look at the internal workings of popular websites, you'll find that nearly all of them have something in common: they use style guides so they can publish trustworthy content that appeals to their readers, clients, and advertisers. Smaller websites, however, often overlook style guides either because they don't understand the importance of a uniform appearance, or they don't want to invest time in a project that doesn't offer immediate profits.

Brand Overview

If you don't already use a style guide, now is the time to start working on a list of rules that will tell writers, designers, and editors how to create content that looks professional.

You can start by reviewing popular style guides like the one used by the Associated Press (AP). In most cases, though, you will need to make some changes that appeal to your readers and advertisers. Some changes are quite simple. The AP style guide, for instance, says that you shouldn't use serial commas unless they're necessary for clarity. A lot of American readers, however, like serial commas.

Quality Websites

Other changes may require more questions and effort. In the end, it's worth developing a guide that makes your site more professional. Your effort may not earn money directly, but it will improve the quality of your site, which makes it easier for you to boost profits.

Reading this white paper published by CopyPress will teach you how to make a style guide that works for your site. The more you know before you start the writing process, the less time you will spend on your style guide project.