Exploring Different Types of Multimedia Content [Infographic]

Multimedia content is a valuable form of online content that small businesses need to learn to use. Sometimes, small businesses think that creating blog posts and using static visuals are adequate ways to drive traffic. When you're trying to boost extra traffic and up your conversion rates, however, you need multimedia content as well as written content. Multimedia content is more shareable, attracts more clicks, and draws new visitors and potential customers to your social media sites and your website.

Large companies spend huge budgets every year to create multimedia content that will attract clicks. Producing quality multimedia content is more expensive than writing a blog post, but the ROI is worthwhile. Multimedia content that works for small businesses is often as simple as a how-to video, or a vlog answering common questions about your industry. Hiring a talented designer and producing a few amazing and highly shareable infographics is also worth the money you spend. Finding the right resources to produce your multimedia content will ensure you don't spend your money recklessly.

The internet has changed how humans view and absorb information. According to recent data, the human attention span is shortening at an alarming rate. Thanks to smartphones, we now concentrate on one thing for only eight seconds. If you have eight seconds to grab someone's attention, your best bet is with multimedia. Plus, people learn and absorb information differently; one of your customers might like reading blog posts, but another may prefer to watch a video. Below, you'll find a handy infographic from CopyPress outlining the different types of multimedia content and exploring why it's such a valuable investment. Happy creating!