10 Superlative Link Building Ideas for Top SERP Rankings of your Blogs

Did you know that your blogs are the direct staircase to successful acquiring of leads for your business? This might be partly true.  

The reason being, blogs help you to create a database of subscribers who subscribe for your blogs which you end up sending email marketing campaigns for successful conversion of leads. Partly true because email marketing campaign is just a part of the big deal.

Today with the recent changes in the Google algorithm it has become more and more important for you to not only publish high-quality blogs. But also ensure that they resolve problems of the readers.

Now, imagine a situation: Your content writer has written a high-quality blog but if it does not get the visibility required to get enough leads through subscription, the whole effort goes in vain.

The problem is, most of the time we are concerned about the quantity of the blogs being published instead of meeting the quality expectations of the reader. Yes, it is true that the quantity factor is important but it comes into the picture once you have build a strong subscription list.

This is where link building SEO practice comes to the rescue.

It not only ensures that your blogs get better visibility but also enable top SERP rankings for generating quality leads for your business.In the latter part of this write-up, we have discussed some superlative link building ideas that will help you get top SERP rankings for your blogs.

We promise that once you have finished reading this write-up, you will have great value-added ideas to build quality links to get top SERP rankings for your blogs.But, before we look at them, it is important to first understand the meaning of link building and the role it plays in getting top SERP rankings for your blogs.

What is Link Building?

Link building is an SEO technique that is used to get other websites and blogs to link to your web-page in order to improve your search engine rankings. As suggested earlier, Google has changed its algorithm and now more than ever it gives prominence to links in the blogs.

There are two types of links that can be developed: internal links and external links.

Internal links are links that are part and parcel of your website. They link up different web-pages and ensure that you are represented as a subject matter expert by your visitors and of course reputed search engines like Google.

On the other hand, external links are links that you get from other websites which depict to the visitors and reputed search engines like Google that your website is credible. But, the most important thing to note is that not all links have a great impact on the top SERP rankings of your blogs.

The amazing part? If you are able to find the right link it can be like finding a goldmine in a desert. While, a bad link can equally have a damaging effect on your website. This makes link building one of the crucial SEO skills when it comes to pushing your blogs on the top of SERP rankings.

Factors to Watch Out for While Building a Quality Backlink for your Blog

It can be a very tedious and time-consuming task to cross-verify different attributes while building a quality link for your blog. For your ready reference, we have provided certain factors that you need to watch out for while building a quality backlink for your blog:

  1. It has to come from a web-page that is relevant to the subject matter that you are dealing in the blog post;

  2. Only take backlinks from an authentic and trustworthy domain;

  3. It has to be generous when it comes to granting dofollow links;

  4. Does not require too much of effort.

How to Find Quality Backlinks for your Blogs?

You can use Google search to find the relevant web-pages according to the subject matter of your blog. For example; if you are looking for a blog on “great content marketing strategies” search with these keywords on Google.

Great Content Marketing Strategies.jpg

As you can see from the screenshot, we zeroed in on this blog post “21 Content Marketing Tactics That’ll Skyrocket your Search Traffic”.

The next step is to check for the domain authority of the pages and the website with a tool like Ahrefs.

ahrefs rank domain authority blog.jpg

As you can see the domain authority of the blog site is 91 which is pretty good. It even has 692K backlinks which is a great thing.

Now let us look at the domain authority of that particular blog post.

ahrefs rank domain authority.jpg

The blog titled “21 Content Marketing Tactics That’ll Skyrocket Your Search Traffic” by Neil Patel has 55 backlinks (which is pretty good!) and 25 referring domains.

Look for pages that include any outbound links to your own blog and also ensure that they are dofollow.

ahrefs backlinks.jpg

You can see that we have selected “one link per domain” and “Dofollow” and were able to get 19 dofollow backlinks from unique domains. These are your potential link building opportunities for your blog on “great content marketing strategies”.The same process needs to be repeated till you get at least 10 external link building opportunities for your blog.

If you do not want to follow this tedious process, we can help you achieve this objective in a simpler manner. As promised earlier, simply follow the superlative link building ideas given below for top SERP rankings of your blogs:

Build Internal Links to Showcase your Domain Authority and present yourself as an Expert in your Industry

Did you know? Internal links are a great way to convey your message to reputed search engines like Google that your blog post is important.

In order to successfully devise an internal link building strategy, you need to start by targeting a few keywords to your post. It is very simple. Just use Google’s “site” command. For example, if the primary keyword that you are targeting is “SEO Basics”. Go to Google and enter the following:

Site:adelseo.com.au/ “SEO Basics”.

Instead of adelseo.com.au, you can type your own domain. Within the quotes, enter the keywords that you are targeting.

Google will return with the results that are most relevant and significant for your target keyword.

Google Results Search Modifiers.jpg

At least browse through the first page of the search results page and turn the first mention of your target keyword on each page as an internal link on the target page.

There might be certain pages which will require you to add the keyword. Repeat this process with different keywords and come with other secondary keywords.

Give Out Free Content to a Reputed Blogger and Earn a Backlink from Them in Return

Although, this might seem to be too difficult to digest it can be the best thing possible for your blogging website.

This is a feasible idea only if you have a team of content writers working for you and are able to produce high-quality content. If you send this piece of content free of cost to reputed bloggers the least they would do is to give a backlink to your blogging website.

Remember, the quality of the content is the key determinant of the kind of backlinks you will end up with. So, figure out the amount of money you are willing to spend to get high-quality backlinks which will, in turn, help your blogging website get in the top SERP rankings.

Contribute as a Guest Blogger on a Reputed Blogging Site to Earn Quality Backlinks to your Blog

Let us, first of all, understand what exactly is a guest post. It is nothing but a post that is written by you which is published on someone else’s blog.

It is extremely vital to keep in mind that the blogging website that you select for guest blogging has good domain rating. It should also have a great reputation in your industry. This will ensure that you get quality backlinks from the content published on their blogging website.

The added benefit? It will also assist you in getting your blog website on top of SERP rankings.But, it is not an easy task to zero in on a great guest blogger site. It is important to not only find the right blogs but also convince the administrators running the blogging site to accept your creative blogs.

Also, keep in mind about the target audience of the guest blogging site to ensure maximum traction for your effort. Remember, no one is going to publish your blog if it does not meet the requisite guidelines of the guest blogging website.

It is also critical how you link back to your blog in a guest post. Remember, there are certain guest blogging websites that only allow you to self-promote in the author bio. In case, if your blog seems to be promotional or spammy they will not think twice before scrapping your blog off.

The best thing is to insert the brand name of your organization at the end of the guest blog in the author bio. This will ensure that you meet the required guidelines of the guest blogging website.

If we look at the example which we mentioned earlier in the write-up, if you are targeting the keywords “great content marketing strategies” “neilpatel.com/blog” is the best place to ask whether they accept guest blogs.

Remember, their domain authority is pretty good which gives you an edge when it comes to getting backlinks from the website.

Check Out the Resource Pages to Avail an Opportunity of a Lifetime to Get Quality Backlinks

There are certain blog websites that accumulate posts that are of high value to the readers. If you find any of these websites having web-pages similar to yours it would be a lifetime opportunity to get quality backlinks.

In order to find such resource pages, you need to go to Google search and insert the main keywords that you want to target for your blog. Let us continue with the example that we quoted earlier and assume that the keywords are “great content marketing strategies”.

Search with the keywords “content marketing blog resources”, “content marketing blog links” etc. When we searched with the keywords “content marketing blog resources”, we were able to get the following results:

Content Marketing Blog Resources.jpg

We were able to find a Neil Patel blog which contained valuable information pertaining to the subject in hand. Keep on searching for other resources too at least for the first two search results page on Google.

For every relevant resource blog that you are able to find try to look for the contact information for the administrator of the website. Craft a message to convince them to provide a backlink to your blog website.

Remember, not every person that you contact will answer your email. It has been estimated that if you send at least 100 emails it will give you two backlinks from high-quality authoritative blog websites. But, if you are able to do this, the rewards will be highly beneficial in the long run.

Broken Links are a Great Resource to Build Quality Backlinks

Although, website administrators consider broken 404 error links as bad for the business there is an opportunity for you to win a great backlink from it.

The entire idea of having a broken link is to inform the website administrator about a link which needs a good replacement. Think about it.

Now, that you have zeroed in on the topic and are aware that there is a broken link on one of the websites pertaining to the topic you can use it to your advantage.

How? In most cases, the people who are linking to your website are doing you a big favor. But in this case, you are the one who is helping out the website administrator by informing them about broken links on their website. So, they are feeling grateful instead of you!

You can use Ahrefs to find the broken links on your potential backlinking website. Let us look at the same example of neilpatel.com/blog and try to find out the number of broken links the site consist of for the keywords “great content marketing strategies”.

ahrefs Broken Links Dashboard.jpg

As you can see there are 26 broken backlinks which give you a potential opportunity to build backlinks if you are able to create a blog with the keywords “great content marketing strategies”.

The next step? Simply contact the website administrator once you have a quality blog with you relevant to the keywords and inform them that your blog can be a great replacement for their broken link.

Introduce Awards Bait Concept and Create a Blog by Giving Out Awards to Reputed Bloggers in your Industry

The best way to get the attention of a person is by praising him/her. This particular thing can be done by awarding the reputed bloggers with a batch.

But, even though many people follow this technique they are not good at communicating with the blogging site that has been awarded.

Remember, every individual loves being praised. If you send across an email to them reflecting on the award that they have received for the work that they have published on their blog site it would make them more than happy.

It would, in turn, make them provide a link to your blogging website. If you can get these reputed bloggers to provide you backlinks it will more than likely have a positive impact on the top SERP rankings on reputed search engines like Google.

It gives them a bragging right to boast about the awards. Create an exclusive badge with a modern name. You can even hire a graphic designer to develop an ingenious logo. Ask the winners to post the badge on their website. This way you will not only build quality backlinks but also earn a good reputation for your blog website across the community.

In the example that we have enumerated a couple of times, you can write an awards-bait blog and make Neil Patel’s blog as one of the winners. Contact its administrator i.e.; Neil Patel and simply tell him about the award and encourage him to give a backlink to your blogging website. As simple as that!

Create your Blog Answering all the Questions and Doubts Posed by the Topic in the Minds of the Visitors

As specified earlier in the write-up, Google has changed its algorithm. If you are still using keyword stuffing as a way to reach at the top SERP rankings for your blogs then you are going to lose big time.

As per the new algorithm, Google now gives prominence to write-ups that answer specific queries of the readers. This makes it all the important for you to change your perception and think about clearing all the doubts that are arising in the minds of the readers related to the topic at hand.

Content length is very important over here. In fact, it has been researched and found that the lengthier your content, the better are the chances of it to rank higher in the SERP rankings.

The reason being, it is more likely to be shared by the readers. It will also become a huge hit amongst the bloggers in your industry since you will be very specific in dealing with the problems faced by the visitors. It will create a niche identity for your blog which will grow in prominence as the time goes by.

Remember, if your blogs are liked by a reputed blogger it will make them link up with your content. This way you can build up a huge reputation for your blogging site.

Needless to say: Even Google rates those websites higher who are able to get more backlinks on their web-pages. This is your free ticket to get your blogging site to rank amongst the top ranking pages on reputed search engines like Google.

Contribute in Online Forums and Pass on the DoFollow Links to your Blogs

If the topic that you have selected is really hot in demand and people are talking about it the best way is to take advantage of this fact and market it in online forums.

There are certain forums that do not allow do follow links which do not give any SEO benefit. So, it will not help you to generate a link to your blog. But, it can still have the desired impact on driving traffic.

Also, watch out if the forum allows links in the posts. There are certain forums that allow links only after a specific number of answers submitted. Watch out for that criteria.

Certain forums do not allow direct links in the posts, but they do have the leeway when it comes to the signature. This is an excellent thing since anyone who wants to learn more about your products and services will click on the link posted in the signature and come to your blog website.

Watch out for the active discussions in the forum. If there is ample traffic then it is not important for you to contribute a link.

Once you have successfully included a link in your forum post the next step is to make sure Google sees it. The best way to do that is by sharing it on Google+. Create a Google+ post and write something interesting about the topic on your blog post.

You can even employ Google’s submit URL tool to get your forum URL to be indexed. Alternatively, link to the post from another web-page of your blogging website.

Use YouTube Videos to Generate a Backlink to your Blogs

YouTube is considered to be one of the most used video search engine. It has almost become indispensable force today.

When you embed a YouTube video in your blogging website you get two primary benefits:

  1. More time spent on the web-page;

  2. You get to link your blog from the YouTube video.

Point to ponder: Google has confirmed that an embedded YouTube video on your blogs has a positive impact on the overall ranking of the website.

This means that if you can have an embedded YouTube video in your blogs it can help you get on top of the SERP rankings.

Let us now look at some of the steps to rank YouTube videos on your blogs:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive keyword research. Opt for keywords that are of high search volume and intent.

  2. Use YouTube Suggest feature and opt for medium tail keyword suggestions.

Most of the time, people make mistake in selecting the keywords. Long term keywords are no longer useful when it comes to ranking on reputed search engines like Google. Opt for a medium tail keyword instead.

  1. Evaluate how competitors are ranking for specific keywords that you are interested in. Also, consider the option of viewing the kind of videos they are optimizing around the video.

  2. Have your keyword in the title once or twice. But, always have it in the call to action. The reason being, it is the first thing that people are going to see and you want to entice them to click on the video

  3. Place the URL on the top of your YouTube description. Then use it in the 500+ content and then the URL again.

  4. Add five keywords in the keywords section of the video.

  5. Use a personalized thumbnail for the video. Although it does not have a major impact on the SERP ranking, it increases the click-through rate of the video.

  6. Promote the video on social media networks and add them in the email lists.

Post Product Reviews or Comparisons to Get Quality Backlinks from the Sellers Who are Selling that Product

Irrespective of the topics that are covered by your blog website there will be certain products that your readers may find useful.

It is especially critical to write product reviews and product comparisons that assist readers to make a better purchasing decision. Remember, it is all about helping the readers resolve their problem.

You might say that there are loads of websites that are writing product reviews. But, the thing to remember is the fact that most of them are selling these products.

If you write an unbiased third party review of a product it will generate curiosity in the minds of the readers.

In case, your review blog is a huge hit it will be shared by many reputed bloggers, let alone the sellers. This will help you to get backlinks to your blog website especially if it has a detailed explanation pertaining to the product in question.

A Bonus Link Building Idea for Getting Top SERP Rankings of your Blogs : Employ Skyscraper Technique to Search for Top Ranking Blog Posts That Have Mediocre Content When Compared to your Blog Posts and Ask Them to Link to Your Blog Website

The Google Adwords tool provides an amazing opportunity for people who are looking to generate high-quality backlinks on their blog posts.

If you look at certain keywords closely, you might see that there are certain keywords which are more competitive than the others. While there are certain keywords that do not have good content posted. This is where you can show your supreme quality.

The Skyscraper Technique is all about finding the top ranking blog posts that have mediocre content in comparison to your blog posts. Once you find these keywords target them and create high-quality blog post.

Once that is done, reach out to the administrator of the website and inform them about your high-quality content.

Make them consider replacing their link with more comprehensive and qualitative content prepared by you.

In case, if you find that certain information in their blog post is outdated or incorrect mention that while contacting them. It will make your case stronger and you will be able to generate high-quality backlink that will make you one step closer to the elusive top SERP rankings of your blog posts.

The Finish Line

In the end, it has got to be said that the ideas that we have mentioned in this write-up do take time but the end result is amazing. If you want your readers to find your amazing piece of blogs work on the quality. If you are able to resolve the concerns of your readers and engage them a majority of your work is done. The end result? You get high-quality backlinks which will open the doors to getting your blog posts on the top SERP rankings.

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