Improve Your Marketing via Customer Behavior Analytics [Infographic]

Marketing ROI [Infographic]

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a vital and growing part of the modern marketing toolkit. Spending on this aspect of marketing is expected to grow from 6.7 percent to 11 percent over the next three years. Why? Because poring over the data collected during an advertising campaign helps marketers follow the customer's journey from the moment they first see your message to the moment they make a purchase, sign up for an e-mail list, or exit your site without engaging at all. Customer information also helps marketers build a profile of customers and prospects that is much more detailed than the demographics that were available in pre-internet times. Now it's possible to learn about your customers' motivations, emotions, and concerns as well as their age and gender. 

Customer Motivations

This kind of information helps you meet the expectations of your existing customer base and also helps you create a portrait of your potential customers. This behavioral portrait lets you know not only where to find new customers, but what their concerns and motivations are and how you can create messages and calls to action they will find compelling.


This infographic, which is part of a collection of content marketing resources from the experts at CopyPress, breaks behavioral analysis down into clear steps and stages. It begins with the creation of an audience persona as the first step in any marketing campaign and tracks the entire procedure until the final step of evaluating the campaign and setting goals for the next one.