The Current State of Content Marketing [Infographic]

The constant give and take between clients and agencies often fuels the content marketing industry. Clients perceive a certain value in what they want done and agencies accept the offer or bend to accommodate it. Oftentimes agencies agree to take on a project or assignment and then scramble to figure out how they’re going to execute it while still generating a profit. A recent survey on the State of Content Marketing by CopyPress illustrates exactly how delicate this relationship is by comparing interview responses between marketers, agencies, and freelancers themselves.

When asked what the biggest challenges were when working with clients, 33 percent of agencies said they struggled to understand and meet client expectations, and 15 percent said they struggled to scale content. This leads us to believe that when agencies receive a content order, they need to ensure that they have the knowledge base to execute the project, the right information from the client, and the means to tackle a project that big. Anyone who has felt confused or overwhelmed by client expectations can attest that these three criteria are rarely all met.

Failing to meet client expectations can lead to long-term issues within the relationship. Almost 40 percent of respondents thought their content marketing efforts weren’t effective (and defined effective as generating revenue, driving traffic, and increasing SEO exposure). This means the agencies aren’t communicating the value of their work or determining whether their tactics are in line with the client’s goals. Both parties can benefit from increased communication if the content industry is going to thrive. Check out the infographic below for more insights on the content marketing industry in 2017.