5 Untold Benefits Of Using WordPress [Infographic]

A few years ago, having a website for your business was not that much of a deal. Businesses could advertise their products and services through channels such as posters, emails, direct pitching, and more.

But over time, things changed for the better…

Today, websites are the deal makers in business and having an outstanding one makes things even better. One of the best platforms to create a website within minutes is WordPress.

The popularity of this website builder has only risen over time and at the time of writing this post, WordPress boasts a market stake of the 59.5% of all content management systems.

So, what makes WordPress tick?

Below are 5 reasons why everyone seems to be using WordPress.


It’s no brainer that businesses need to keep costs at bay while going for as much value as possible for every penny spent. WordPress was built with such business needs in mind. The platform offers anyone a chance to own a website without having any technical skills. Thanks to WordPress, gone are the days when a few developers could charge exorbitantly for web development services. WordPress allows users to use their inbuilt applications and extensions to create their websites within minutes.

Ease of Use

This has got to be one of the biggest advantages of WordPress websites. The platform offers about 50,000 plugins to improve site functionality. Built with the current business needs in mind, WordPress has partnered with a good number of reliable web hosting companies to improve security, reduce downtimes, enhance scalability, and more for its users.


Nothing turns away website visitors faster than a non-responsive site. In this era of mobile devices, it is essential for you to have a website that allows users with different devices to gain access to it with minimal effort and time.

With WordPress, you automatically get a responsive website that can be accessed using any device; this means that you won’t need to create separate sites for the mobile and desktop users.


The internet is home to almost every solution to a problem you may be facing today – but it is also home to some of the world’s biggest scams. Internet frauds are among the biggest online threats, and a lot of measures have been taken by various platforms to cushion their users against any security breaches. WordPress works around the clock to secure its platform using various controls such as security plugins, backup functionality, password protection, login screen protection, and much more. But despite this, cyber crime still remains a thorn in the flesh of most internet-based platforms.

Search Engines Love WordPress Sites

Yes, that’s right! WordPress websites are natively developed using simple codes and algorithms that are easily processed by search engines. Additionally, users can customize each page or image to have its own meta tag description, keyword, or title for search engine optimization.

How Wordpress Powers the Internet [Infographic]

How Wordpress Powers the Internet [Infographic]


The truth is, WordPress is big! Hundreds of famous websites run on the platform including Sweden’s Official website, US Mission Geneva, BBC America, Forbes, Microsoft, and more.

That said, to be able to make the most of what WordPress offers, you’ll need to further do your own research relating to the various plugins relating that can be useful in your line of business. Plugins play a big role in making a website visit memorable; ensure that WordPress offers you everything you need to stay on top of your online presence. And, speaking from experience, chances are you’ll find everything there is to be done on a website in WordPress.