Designing a Progress Bar in Adobe XD

In this tutorial, we’re going to sense how to pattern the swell bar in Adobe XD.1. Create the brand new artboard 1920 x 1080.2. Select the artboard by Left-clicking upon the artboard name top-left, as well as in the Property Inspector upon the right, name the Background Fill Colour. In this educational the colour used was #182F38.3. Select the Rectangle Tool, as well as draw the prolonged skinny rectangle the distance which we would similar to your swell bar to be. In the Property Inspector shift the radius to aparticularlyhigh number, to fully turn off all corners. Select possibly the colour #FFFFFF or #10232C.4. Press Cmd/Ctrl + D to duplicate the rectangle, as well as in the Property Inspector, name the otherradius idol which will concede we to edit the radius of any corner individually. Change the top-right as well as bottom-right radius to 0.5. Next, with the rectangle selected, set the Fill colour to #67D9F4 or the colour of your choice.6. Double-click the phony rectangle, as well as drag from the right corner to regulate the completion percentage for your swell bar.7. To add the little texture to the swell bar, name the Rectangle Tool as well as create the small vertical rectangle which is possibly next to to, or greater than, the height of your swell bar. The point of view of this rectangle can also be adjusted.8. Select the Repeat Grid Tool in the Property Inspector as well as Drag from the right corner to repeat the figure up to where your phony rectangle ends. Adjust the spacing in between any of the copied shapes by hovering in between the gaps as well as Left-clicking as well as dragging when the pinkish guides appear.9. Select the phony part of your swell bar, as well as press Cmd/Ctrl + D to create the copy, as well as pierce this figure up upon tip of the steady shapes/bars. Select both the steady shapes as well as the phony rectangle copy, as well as in the Pathfinder options in the Property Inspector, name Intersect. Selecting this choice will crop the steady shapes/bars to the measure of the phony shape.10. A Fill or Gradient can alsobe practical to the cropped chronicle of the steady shapes, as well as it can then be changed back down to lay upon tip of the original phony shape, giving it the little texture. The Opacity of the steady shapes/bars can also be adjusted.11. Drag over all of your shapes as well as go to Object > Group to group all shapes together as well as pierce around as the single object.Download Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD).Read More during Designing the Progress Bar in Adobe XD

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