Google Analytics begins breaking out iOS traffic by model (when it can)

If youre the Google Analytics user as well as youd like to know which iOS models as well as inclination your visitors have been using, theres great news as well as bad news. The great news: When it can, Google Analytics is right away violation out specific iPhone as well as iPad models as well as listing them alone in the Audience > Mobile > Devices report. The bad? The when it can partial of which equates to very rarely right now.Lets dive deeper in to whats going on.Before: all iOS trade lumped togetherFor years, which Mobile > Devices report lumped all iOS trade together underneath either the Apple iPhone or Apple iPad labels. Thats because, traditionally, iOS user agents didnt prove the specific device model. And, for the most part, thats still the case. But not always, as Ill explain below. Meanwhile, many other inclination have been reported alone by model. In the Mobile > Devices report, we should be able to see apart trade interpretation for the Google Nexus 5 vs. Google Nexus 5X, for example, or the Samsung SM-G900V Galaxy S5 vs. the Samsung SM-G900F Galaxy S5, as well as so forth.Now: some iOS inclination have been damaged outEarlier this week, we beheld for the initial time which the Mobile > Devices report was listing specific iPhone as well as iPad models in addition to the normal as well as unspecific Apple iPhone as well as Apple iPad list items. Im seeing this across every web site which we have access to in Google Analytics, as well as we should see some iOS trade damaged out, too.A Google orator tells us which the company recently began to notice the tiny amount of iOS which included the opposite user agent the single which privately indicated the device as well as model. So, when it sees this user agent, Google Analytics is right away distinguishing iOS trade by device as well as model.But Google tells us as well as the blurred screenshot on top of confirms which the device as well as indication is available for only the very tiny amount of iOS traffic, as well as only when tracked from in-app browsers. Above, we can see which the general Apple iPhone still makes up more than 48 percent of all mobile traffic, as well as the iPhone 6 as well as 6s combine for less than two percent. Its safe to assume which the lot of the Apple iPhone trade is from the 6 as well as 6s, but the user agents for which trade didnt prove that. How to equate your iOS trade nowAll of this begs the question: Whats the difference between Apple iPhone as well as Apple iPhone 6s, as well as how should users equate their iOS traffic?Google tells us which the Apple iPhone line object counts trade which Google knows is from an iPhone, but doesnt know the exact model. And the line equipment for specific inclination as well as models have been separate; i.e., the series youll see for Apple iPhone does not embody the trade thats damaged out for Apple iPhone 6s as well as other models. So, to get your total iPhone traffic, youll need to add Apple iPhone as well as all of the rows which embody the specific iPhone model.Weve reached out to Apple to ask why some of its iOS trade is right away together with device as well as indication in the user agent, as well as if Apple plans to embody which interpretation more mostly going forward. Well update this essay if we get the reply.

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