Advanced: Bootstrap to Adobe Muse

Complete Tutorial on How to Build a Bootstrap Template in Adobe Muse. No Coding Skills Required.Bootstrap is a single of a morepopular methods of formulating a website with code. In a above video tutorial I go over how to create a Bootstrap template in Adobe Muse. No coding skills required. The steps have been as follows:1. Find a Bootstrap template to re-create.2. Take a design of a website across different breakpoints with a Fireshot Webpage Screenshot Chrome extension.3. Create breakpoints in Adobe Muse.4. Decide if website is starting to be fixed width, fluid-width, or adaptive.5. Create guides in Adobe Muse.6. Add elements and assets. Sample fonts with a WhatFont Chrome extension.7. Add animations and effects.8. Repeat process for other breakpoints.For some-more video tutorials and widgets for Adobe Muse visit Musing :).Read More at Advanced: Bootstrap to Adobe Muse

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