Is a local SEO campaign like a sitcom?


In some ways, running the local SEO campaign is the lot similar to writing the sitcom episode. Each follows the regulation for repeated success, and when you strip both of them down to their cores, their components are really similar. The Venn diagram below outlines the regulation for both the sitcom and the local SEO campaign.


These two enter into in the lot of ways; the technical elements of the sitcom are the fun writing, costumes, sets and so on, instead of keyword optimization and site audits. A campaign strategy is just similar to character development both are mapped out well in advance and need high-level thinking. And the client expectations, theyre similar to the heart of each episode. You give the doctrine within each campaign as the marketer, same as the sitcom part does.

Lets disintegrate an part of the renouned TV sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. The part I use as an example(The Skywalker Incursion) does an glorious job of following the sitcom formula. Ill use the ubiquitous attorneys campaign as an example of local SEO to together alongside the sitcom episode. Both formulas are meant to be put on the timeline, one in minutes and one in months, so Ill stick to that for this scenario.

Lets proceed the breakdown.

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