MobileFuse launches a curated open platform for selected publishers

Image from MobileFuseNew York City-based MobileFuse is partnering with programmatic platform AppNexus to launch a brand new marketplace, MFX, that matches comparison publishers with curated but open programmatic ad bidding.Previously, MobileFuse co-founder as well as CEO Ken Harlan pointed out, his company allowed advertisers to buy space programmatically by a own platform, but it employed manually administered orders for offered register from a comparison group of about 2,000 publishers, which include texting/calling app textPlus as well as media hosting site Photobucket.By relocating a operations to a AppNexus platform, he said, hispremium supply network [can now] display ad supply on a programmatic basis. The only part of MobileFuse that is not relocating to AppNexus, he said, is his companys Moments condition-based targeting.This brand new agreement opens up a comparison publishing house register to programmatic ad behest from any buyer, compared to a previously closed, direct system. But MobileFuse will set aminimum pricing floor, as well as a staff personapproves ad creatives within a 24-hour window before they have been allowed in to bidding.Publishers can still be dropped from a platform, Harlan said, if there have been register issues similar to viewability.Were curating both sides, he said, creating a programmatic, comparison offering of publishers register with open but filtered ad buying.The brand new setup, he said, also offers a capability for advertisers to some-more readily layer interpretation sources for targeting, similar to Oracles BlueKai. He remarkable that a brand new agreement also provides some-more mobile ad bearing for a AppNexus platform, whose strength has traditionally been in desktop.MobileFuse says it serves about 100 million unique users monthly, with about 80 percent in-app as well as a rest on mobile web.(Some images used underneath license from

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