LiveWorld launches first public tool a high-speed management platform for social conversations

From a LiveWorld web site

From a LiveWorld web site

The job description of a modern brand includes managing countless streams of conversations across amicable as well as messaging media.

But theres so much of it which government can seem like a metaphor. To turbo-charge a brands amicable wranglers, San Jose, California-based community as well as amicable media government provider LiveWorld released this week its first public product a self-service cloud-based height which combines amicable media scanning, moderation, as well as engagement with box government as well as a customer relationship government (CRM) system.

Founded twenty years ago, LiveWorld is headed by CEO as well as Chairman Peter Friedman, who was vice boss as well as general manager of Apples Internet Services in a mid-90s. Since its inception, LiveWorld has supposing a service as well as then backend tools to brands for community government as well as amicable media.

The new product is an updated as well as public version of a companys existing tools.It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, WordPress, as well as a single messaging app, Facebook Messenger. Friedman told me a height will shortly support WeChat as well as Snapchat. The do-it-yourself product is also available through a managed service.

While there is no shortage of amicable media government platforms, Friedman pronounced which most of them began as publishing platforms.

The pass thing about LiveWorlds, he said, is you started with a review itself, [handled] at large scale.

He claims which a mortal human moderator, empowered by a platform, can conduct 500 to a thousand actions per hour on amicable posts. Actions include reviewing, approving, escalating, tagging, as well as responding. The speed of moderation, Friedman added, is two to ten times faster than any other tool.

A usual scenario, he said, is which a brand will use a height to look at all which comes into its Facebook page. The complement pulls a comments in, automatically tags them as well as routes them with natural language processing, as well as employs smart listening for sentiment analysis, topic detection, as well as identification of opportunities for faithfulness marketing.

After that, a judge looks them over as well as decides whether to keep a comment, reject it, or respond to it, as well as whether to designate it as a box to be resolved. Heres a screen with a box government pane:

LiveWorld screen

Theres a built-in box government framework to facilitate rapid response on complaints or other issues, as well as an onboard CRM to track as well as say profiles as well as review histories.

Friedman points out which box government systems often lose a conversational thread, but LiveWorlds is written to keep a entire conversational history as it makes its way through emanate resolution.

In responding to a post, a judge can pierce a public criticism to in isolation messaging, such as from an open Facebook post to a closed Facebook Messenger conversation. The CRM can entrance a Salesforce CRM to look for a same person as well as mirror a record if found, as well as there is also API-level formation with Oracle. Other customized APIs have been in a works.

The height is only using bots forgreetings, but Friedman indicated which more sophisticated ones will eventually find a job here.

The world of selling has to learn to be like customer service, he told me, personal, empathetic, [with a] customer context.

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