Report: News organizations dont get much out of Twitter

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If youre a headlines organization, youve probably noticed that Twitter isnt doing most in terms of bringing you lots of traffic. A report from, a social analytics company, determined that the typical headlines organization sees very little traffic from Twitter. (The report is accessible to all, but youll need to provide your email residence to gain access to the report in the entirety.)

Looking at data for 200 of Parse.lys own clients across a two week period in January, the analytics company saw a median of 8 tweets per post, 3 clicks per tweet, as well as 0.7 retweets for any original tweet. Thats a tiny amount for a typical headlines organization; in fact, it translates to roughly 1.5% of all traffic., that represents publishers like Upworthy, Slate, Business Insider as well as The Daily Beast, saw that the top 5% of publishers would get a improved lift of 11% total traffic coming from Twitter, with a median of 180 tweets per post, 18 clicks per tweet, as well as 4 retweets per original tweets.

The best way to perform well on Twitter, the report states, is to share content that is relevant as well as interesting to the demographic of a large number of people. Among shared content, sees conversational content (about a specific topic) as well as violation headlines stories saying the bulk of the engagement, with links to violation headlines driving a lot of traffic. authority report on headlines traffic

However, as seen in the image above, Facebook as well as Google are the best traffic referrers to headlines websites, with Yahoo trailing behind, followed by Twitter. Traffic is primarily social in nature for headlines organizations, but search traffic also captures a big chunk of the pie. concludes that Twitter still remains a violation headlines platform, but it appears that once headlines breaks, the all on Facebook as well as Google for who captures the most traffic thereafter.

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