Why agencies and marketers need to think and act like data companies


The digital advertising attention is no stranger to keeping up with new advances, though many have been struggling with todays most important challenge a necessity to precedence pointing interpretation to grasp a clients business goals.

The convergence of ad tech as well as martech is pervasive, as well as so, too, is a personalization of data. Now, were optimizing our selling spend by person so which individuals see unique messages across ads, email as well as a brands own site.

Having access to both customer interpretation as well as broader consumer information is essential for any marketer looking to set up effective digital strategies, as well as this need is causing large changes in a agency/marketer relationship.

Marketers demand precision, as well as agencies respond

Every day we see a energy of datas impact upon a advertising attention like never before. Were no longer living in a universe where agencies have been rewarded for creative alone.

Marketers expect insights which precedence a plethora of information as well as real-time interpretation to drive business goals. Keeping up with a marketers data-driven demands is vicious to providing clients with hyper-relevant, addressable selling which resonates with their audience as well as drives results.

Access to real-time interpretation as well as analytics is no longer a oppulance or nice to have item, though rsther than has become a necessary component in a brands overall digital strategy. Agencies right away assimilate which its not enough to only yield good creative as well as ad targeting they need dynamic insights to improved assimilate their clients audience.

DMA/Winterberry Group polling from October 2015 showed which four in 10 US selling professionals wanted their agency partners to enlarge their concentration upon interpretation as well as related functions like predictive modeling as well as segmentation. And some-more than one-third wanted their agencies to become some-more sophisticated users of selling technology in order to guide its utilization within their company.

Given all of this, its no surprise which tech- as well as data-focused agencies have been in high demand. In a survey conducted by eMarketer, 74 percent of senior marketers surveyed said which it is important to have an agency with selling data/analytics capabilities as well as which this would be a deciding cause in a agency preference process.


The rarely publicized Publicis acquisition of technology consultancy Sapient in Feb of 2015 as well as several alternative mergers which followed tell us which agencies get it as well as have been aggressively amping up their capabilities.

History repeats itself

In a survey released from Winterberry Group, having improved interpretation technology (e.g., segmentation, processing as well as so on) as well as some-more first-party data ranked highest in conditions of resources which would advance data-driven efforts.

With all a services which agencies already offer in-house, a single might consider which adding data/analytics capabilities is a rsther than tall order, though a advertising attention views this as a very positive, almost healthy transition.

When you consider of a title alone, an advertising agency is an incredibly correct as well as descriptive name. The name arose as agencies represented their clients interest in all selling as well as communication. Today, it is clearly within a agencys purview to precedence interpretation as well as analytics to get a job done for their clients.

Agencies as well as a brands they offer continue to go by a metamorphosis. We saw this happen when poke was introduced: Clients brought poke in-house, a entrepreneurs became specialists, then agencies acquired either companies or a experience to be a experts.

As a result, there have been right away partnerships between agencies as well as brands in poke marketing, as well as this same change is happening in digital advertising today.

Quality interpretation is tilting a balance of energy as well as triggering a whole host of agency transformations. As history shows, change is a only consistent in a advertising attention digital or otherwise.

We should expect a same transformations as weve seen by alternative innovations with data. As agencies integrate some-more interpretation from their business into their systems, they will be improved equipped to be a selling partner which brands wish as well as need. The key to differentiation will be in a execution.

Its a new universe order in a advertising industry, though its likely not a last a single we will see, if history is any indicator.

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