10 ways to get ready for the new AdWords

After hosting Brandcast as well as I/O, Google wrapped up the busy month of announcements with Performance Summit, thenew name for their total AdWords as well as Analytics launch event. we had the good fortune of removing invited to the press eventuality where we could ask questions of Sridhar Ramaswamy as well as Jerry Dischler, my former colleagues at Google, as well as right away the top AdWords engineering as well as product management leaders.The changes which were announced should right away be familiar to anyone in the PPC industry (this site did the great roundup of the announcement) though yourgame plan for preparingmay still be up in the air (as are precise launch details from Google), so Ill share my thoughts on 10 waysto prepforwhats coming soon to AdWords.Expanded content adsNot all announcements got next to billing at the event, though Expanded Text Ads was one of the headliners. It was also very good received by advertisers, probably because Google is teasing the 20-percent lift in CTR thanks to the extra 50 percent of ad content space.As is good documented in multiform posts on the subject of Ad Rank as well as Quality Score, the lift in CTR customarily produces increases in Quality Score as well as the corresponding diminution in the CPC required to maintain the same Ad Rank.But removing these benefits will also need significant effort from advertisers, who will need to update all their ads. Until which time comes, here are the few alternative things you can do currently to start preparing.[Read the full essay on Search Engine Land.]Some opinions voiced in this essay may be those of the guest author as well as not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here.

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