Video Overlay Effect in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to emanate a video conceal effect in Adobe Premiere Pro.The Steps (1-11)1. Create a New Project in Premiere Pro.2. Go to File > Import as well as name a video footage that we wish to import into a project.3. Drag a alien footage upon to a Timeline to emanate a Sequence. The settings for a Sequence will be dynamic by a footage that we are importing.4. To emanate a colour overlay, go to Title > New Title > Default Still, andspecify a name for a brand brand new Title.5. Once a workspace appears for a brand brand new pretension screen, name a Rectangle Tool as well as emanate a shape that is 100% a tallness as well as breadth of a workspace. There are a number of opposite options that can also be specified upon a right-hand side in a Title Properties window.6. Select a Fill Type dropdown, as well as shift Solidto Linear Gradient. On a Gradient Slider displayed below, Double-click each of a swatches away to name a opposite colour.7. Left-click anywhere upon a Gradient Slider to add a brand brand new colour swatch upon to a gradient. Similarly, we can Left-click as well as Drag an existent swatch off of a Gradient Slider to mislay it altogether.8. For this tutorial, Double-clickboth of a default swatches upon a Gradient Slider, as well as set one swatch to pink, as well as a other swatch to purple. Both colours should right away mix into one-another seamlessly.9. At a top of a Title Properties window, we can also regulate a Opacity to allow a video footage to uncover through a incline conceal that weve created. For this tutorial, a Opacity was set to 70%.10. Left-click a x in a pretension club during a top of a screen to exit out of a pretension workspace as well as lapse to a categorical plan view(doing this will not tighten a application).11. Thenew Title should right away be listed in a Project Folder, as well as can be dragged upon to a Timeline. Drag a newly combined Title upon to a Timelineabove a existent footage. By default, a Title will have a preset length, but by Left-clickingand dragging upon a right finish of a Title, this can be increased/decreased to match a length of a footage underneath.Download Adobe Premiere Pro.Read More during Video Overlay Effect in Premiere Pro

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