Survey finds most SMB advertisers on Facebook spend less than $50 per month


Generating awareness is a number one selling scenario for small businesses (SMBs) upon Facebook, according to a new survey from internal business networking site Alignable. Among SMBs which advertise upon a social site, a majority have been spending only modest amounts of money.

The Alignable survey polled 1,200 internal businesses. Respondents were from North America as well as had fewer than 50 employees. They represent a range of both B2B as well as B2C marketers as well as multiple verticals.

alignalble SMB facebook survey

After awareness, generating new business was a second most common success SMBs were carrying upon a platform. Its not entirely clear how this was/is being measured by a businesses.

Other survey data show which many internal businesses see Facebook as well as Social Media generally as an effective selling channel. Yet three-quarters of SMBs dont use any tools to track a performance of their Digital Marketing.

Alignable found which half of SMBs have been to one side using Facebooks organic participation as well as promotional tools. Among a other half which have been advertising upon Facebook, 61 percent have been spending reduction than $50 per month.

Alignable-Facebook survey

Previously, in a internal business survey, Thrive Analytics found which nineteen percent of SMBs had paid for Social Media advertising. Globally, a percentage of internal businesses which have a Facebook participation as well as have been also advertising upon a site is even smaller.

The Alignable survey also found which 38 percent of SMBs had uploaded video to Facebook in Q1 2016. However, scarcely twice which number (69 percent) said which they were likely or rather likely to upload a video to promote themselves upon Facebook in Q2.

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