Catching up on the Google Performance Summit

Yesterday at a Google Performance Summit, Google voiced a vast number of changes to AdWords & Google Analytics, including brand new mobile-first behest support, Promoted Pins to put advertisers upon Google Maps, longer content ads as well as more.Google Performance Summit is Googles annual event for key AdWords as well as Google Analytics customers, where brand new features, product plans, investigate as well as some-more are shared. Dont fret if you missed it. Read upon for an refurbish you upon everything you need to know as well as more.Yesterdays opening keynote (embedded below) covered all a major announcements, which are explained some-more fully in our grave stories:Google announces poignant changes to AdWords behest as well as content adsGoogle AdWords to mangle up tablet & desktop as well as enable a mobile base bidOfficial: Google to hurl out Expanded Text Ads for all devicesSaying a third of mobile searches are local, Google brings Promoted Pins to MapsGoogle has measured 1 billion+ store visits from AdWords ads globallyGoogle to expand Store Visits online-to-offline feet traffic measurementWATCH: Google lets you verbalise in natural denunciation & get analytics reportsGoogle is completely redesigning AdWords: Offers initial peekGoogle confirms live demo of brand new AdWords redesign will happen upon May 24Google now handles at least 2 trillion searches per yearYoucan find a keynote here (jump to 28 minutes in):Our live blog of a keynote is below:(Some images used under license from

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