Why I First Pre-Ordered the Tesla Model 3 in India My Point of View

Tesla is a dream for most Auto Enthusiasts, who have been looking for a Smart Car, thats not just powerful but also looks sleek, designed environment-friendly and comes with features we cannot find in any other cars in a market. we also believe which a Electric cars are a future, with a pollution level going up, and a natural resources going down, it is a good idea to reduce fossil fuel usage for our transportation needs. That said, Elon Musk is looked up as a Iron Man of a Tech Industry with a futuristic vision which has already been proved with all a projects he has been working on.

Just reserved a Tesla 3 in India & looking brazen to a Test Drive. CreditCard already charged. Too much excited

Amit Bhawani (@amitbhawani) April 1, 2016

Crazy Stories of Tesla Sentry Mode

I have been following a updates upon a current line of a Tesla cars in a US, though we did not find most cars upon a streets while being a US. The feedback from most of a Tesla automobile owners are overwhelmingly positive which hints which this is a product we should be spending my hard earned money on. For a person similar to me, who drives around 20 kms per day, a range of 215 miles per charge (Approx 300kms) should not be an issue given we would need to charge a vehicle once a fortnight.

Its also a large boot space thats another plus given you get roughly a double space you generally get upon a similar sedan. The Self-driving feature which was not long ago pushed through a software refurbish to a cars in a US was a single of a best things we have seen in a Auto Industry but then Im kind of skeptical about which feature being implemented in India.

New Petition : Bring Solar-powered @TeslaMotors Cars to India https://t.co/NjeNWLMQPb
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Amit Bhawani (@amitbhawani) May 22, 2015

Talking about a current options in a country we have Audi, Mercedes etc in a reward cars shred which have been charity what they have been charity from decades while Tesla is a in advance technology innovation thats yet to come to India. Tesla is superior in conditions of a technology and what it offers, while a voiced Model 3, might certainly be a lower variant of a car, according to tesla all a sensors would still be available in a car, creation it something which we would similar to to buy.

The pricing voiced for a US is $35000 which roughly comes to around Rs 23 lakhs and a couple of taxes should not be bumping a price anything on top of Rs 25 lakhs. Now articulate about a rumours of a 150% of Import duty, we personally think which it could be avoided if Tesla setups an Assembly plant here in India, which could be possible given our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi had not long ago met Elon Musk at his factory. Clearly a hint which there are most chances this partnership could work and we could see a Model 3 #MakeInIndia giving us not just a way to avoid a Import duties but also expect some kind of subsidies from a government which might bring down a pricing of a automobile than what we have heard in a U.S.

Overall Im thrilled to own a First Super-Powerful Smart Electric Car in India though it all depends if they actually bring it here. Looking brazen to some positive headlines in a coming days from Tesla for India.

You can Pre-Order here: Model 3 at Tesla

PS: If you remember we had started a petition last year towards Tesla for bringing this automobile in India and it is happening.


Good News. Tesla has confirmed my order, Looking brazen to a Model 3 here in India.

Also according to CNBC there are discussions going ahead upon setting up a factory here in India. Watch a video below to know more.

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