Google launches DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion to personalize TV ads across devices

google-tv-1920Google continues to set up onits TVadvertising effortswith new DoubleClick for Publishers facilities directed at helping broadcasters meet a final of consumers now watching television programming from multiple connected devices at varying times.

Daniel Alegre, boss of global partnerships at Google,made a announcement Thursday at a NAB Show, a annual event put upon by a National Association of Broadcasters, in Las Vegas. The association additionally announced which MCN, Roku as well as Cablevision will use DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) for ad serving opposite screens, including set-top boxes, connected TVs, desktops as well as mobile devices. Google already has partnerships with AMC Networks in a US as well as Globo in South America.

Personalized ads via Dynamic Ad Insertion

Dynamic ad insertion is directed at giving broadcasters a ability to serve ads custom-targeted to particular viewers whenever or however they select to watch a broadcast.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, this feature lets broadcasters create particular streams using server-side ad insertion, which can then seamlessly deliver tailored ads, opposite both online screens as well as set-top box video upon demand.

Google has additionally been experimenting with dynamic ad insertion in live linear TV with a Google Fiber set-top box.The association adds thatbroadcasters dont have to use DFPfor ad serving to use Dynamic Ad Insertion butcan integrate their ad server with DFP.

More control over which ads show during ad breaks

Google is additionally debuting smarter ad breaks to give broadcasters larger control over which ads appear during ad break segments. For example, keeping competitor ads from following each other or ensuring which commercials for alcohol as well as a childrens product dont appear during a same ad break.

DFP customers will be able to applyTVbreak rules upon all inventory, including direct-sold as well as programmatic.

At a NAB Show last year, Google introduced forecasting tools in DFP for broadcasters to better gauge internet TV inventory availability. It additionally incorporated inventory from mDialog into a DoubleClick Ad Exchange, enabling broadcasters to monetize shows as well as video content opposite OTT devices as well as other internet-connected devices. Acquired by Google in 2014, mDialogs technology specialized in delivering ads dynamically to internet-deliveredTV content, which brings us full circle to Thursdays announcement.

Google first attempt at entering a television advertising market began in 2007 as well as ended in 2012. The US program, called Google TV Ads, enabled advertisers to run television commercials by setting up campaigns in AdWords.

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