New Twitter features can boost brand engagement

On a surface, Twitter is a simplest of amicable networks. You type out a quick 140 characters, may be link to something or include an picture as well as afterwards we blast it out to your followers, leading to rendezvous as well as conversations online.But when it comes to essentially regulating Twitter well, both personally as well as as a brand-building tool, it ends up being one of a many complex channels to explain as well as to manage well.Why? Because Twitters fundamental limitations, which was one of a platforms novelties, have forced users to game a system to fit their needs (and reach all their followers).The best example is a @ reply feature. Twitter automatically hides those from timelines to reduce clutter in headlines feeds. But super-users have created a workaround (the .@) to enable all supporters to see a reply tweet.Things like this have led to a bit of a secret language which brand brand new users have to notice, afterwards learn, to have make make make use of of of of a system to their greater advantage.But with report (after report) of brand brand new user retention declining, Twitter is trying to shift that. After months of rumors, Twitter confirmed which it will be rolling out multiform brand brand new features which will give users some-more characters per tweet as well as discharge some of a secret language learning curve.Making Twitter way easier for brand brand new users to understand will ultimately be a win for a brands which choose to play there.There are a few things which Im encouraging a brands we manage to keep in mind as well as which we should keep in mind for your organization when formulation for these brand brand new features.Shorter is some-more shareableOne of a biggest changes a Twitter team is rolling out relates to attachments. Currently, when we supplement GIFs, photos, videos, polls as well as so on, we lose up to twenty-five characters.When a changes take effect, this penalty will go away. Hooray for some-more words!But is which necessarily a good thing? Just because we have some-more characters to play with, does which meant we regularly should?Our client data, corroborated by a brand new HubSpot study, shows which shorter tweets essentially get some-more interaction. Tweets which are less than 100 characters get 17 percent aloft engagement.Conversely, some-more content is some-more discoverableWe have prolonged been telling clients to incorporate search terms into their tweets. Given which some-more than 2.1 billion search queries occur every single day, its important for brands to treat every single tweet like a mini alighting page.What keywords should we be regulating to have certain people can find you? What hashtags should we be using?You want to have certain which brand brand new users can find we in search queries related to your brand. After all, which is how we will ensure which your story can spread! (Disclaimer: This does not meant we should begin hashtag-stuffing your tweets. That will lead to unfollows as well as annoyance if your tweets begin display up in not pertinent searches. Just like Google Quality Score its all about how good your content is.)Improved patron serviceHistorically, patron service upon Twitter has been a little challenging since a extent upon characters, as well as often brands immediately take a conversation off Twitter for some-more detailed interactions. The brand brand new changes related to @ replies as well as links are good headlines for brands with robust patron care programs in place.For example, if someone has a elementary how-to question, we can reply directly to them with report plus a link to a YouTube video. This may streamline your process, as we can offer some-more detailed responses but transitioning to email or another platform.Related to tangible service interruptions or patron care announcements, brands will be able to supplement some-more report but abbreviating as well as may discharge a need to direct users off of Twitter to get some-more information.All of this additionally equates to which your amicable patron care will be some-more manifest to a public. So have certain which you, as a brand, are ready to amaze!Visual content is (still) kingBrands should think about upping their picture game upon Twitter. Now which we can supplement beautiful, shareable media to assistance discuss it a story but eating up precious characters, formulating images for a height should take even some-more dominance in your amicable media strategy.But its important to have certain your images are perfectly optimized for Twitter. If we already have a routine in place to mine images for Facebook as well as Instagram, we can have make make make use of of of of Landscape by SproutSocial to assistance we resize them.If youre optimizing for mobile, we like to have make make make use of of of of a In-Stream far-reaching sizing choice for Twitter every time. This ensures your picture shows up beautifully when people are scrolling upon mobile. Theres nothing worse than a good picture which gets really bad auto-cropped.Tell YOUR story, not someone elsesThe good news? Twitter is giving brands (and a amicable platforms they use) copiousness of time to prepare for these changes, from both a strategy as well as a tools standpoint.At a finish of a day, changes or not, brands should keep in mind which they need to have make make make use of of of of each amicable media medium a way it was intended to be used as well as follow best practices formed upon what resonates with their particular audience.Dont review all of these articles about Twitter changes as well as all spin your strategy upside down. Do what is right to discuss it your brands story.Some opinions voiced in this essay may be those of a guest author as well as not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here.(Some images used under license from

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