After Losing the American Dream

   DALLAS, TX, November 29, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In her 30s, Judy Cochrane had by most standards realized the American Dream. In 2000, her husband Bill's start-up company sold for 90 million. Their college romance and tireless work ethic built a bright future for their family, as well as a portfolio of 35 million. But just as the stars aligned for the 90 million sale of their company, they also fell apart; from living in a gated home perched on a mountaintop in Tucson, Arizona to life in a beat-up rental, without job security and on food stamps. 

With pressure at every turn: 3 young kids, a failing economy, health concerns, a troubled marriage, and the loss of everything the family had built, time alone and getting grounded seemed impossible. With what little faith she could muster, she sought for a miracle. It came in the form of an 11-day housesitting opportunity in Santa Barbara, California. During Cochrane's quest, her spiritual guides and new friends included: a surfer-musician; a dying writing professor; an Episcopal minister; a gifted intuitive healer; a pair of tattoo artists; a septuagenarian yoga practitioner; a homeless preacher; a foul-mouthed auto mechanic; two dogs and a cat; and the Pacific Ocean.

Includes excerpts for J.C. Cochrane's next books (coming soon):

CARRY ON - the secret language, lessons and heart-wrenching love a family experiences when a child endures addiction. (copyright 2015)

YOU CRACK ME UP - from broken bones to broken homes and monsters, bullies & stuff. 1 of 11 books in a children's series called OAKIE DOAKIE (copyright 2015)

Judy Cochrane lives with her husband, Bill, and off and on, with their three college-aged children in Tucson and Dallas. She often drops everything to get to the beach. 

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