9 Things Small Businesses Should Know About Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

When it comes to online advertising, Facebook Ads is one of the most powerful platforms that businesses can use to reach potential customers. If done right, Facebook Ads can generate high-quality leads and new customers for your business. Here are 9 things that small businesses should know about Facebook Ads.

  1. Create a Plan

Facebook Ads is a great platform to use to advertise your business because it allows you to connect with people from all demographics and locations around the world. However, just because Facebook Ads campaign settings are highly targeted, that doesn't mean that you should start a new campaign without planning first. Make a plan for your campaign and write it down.

2.              Set Goals 

If you want to get the best results from your campaign, you need to set goals. Make sure to set clear goals that detail exactly what you want, as well as, the dates for achieving these goals.

3.              You'll Need to Choose an Ad Creation Tool

You'll need to decide whether to use Facebook’s Ads Manager or Power Editor to create paid ads. Ad Manager is the best option for most small businesses. However, if you need more precise control over long-term or large scale campaigns, Power Editor may be a better option.

4.              Create Rotating Ads

In order create an effective campaign, you will need more than just a single ad. You should make sure that you develop several ads that are all highly targeted to the individuals that you wish to attract. After a few days of running your campaign, you will be able to determine which ads have the highest click-through rates (CTRs) so that you can remove the ads that are not performing.

5.              Set Up Tests

You'll also need to set up your split tests so that you can determine which options work best for your campaign. Make sure that your budget is sufficient to perform these tests so that you won't be forced to end your campaign early without the data that you need to decide whether or not your creatives are actually working.

6.              You Need a Completed Business Page

When you run ads on Facebook, it's only natural that the people who view your ads might also want to explore your Facebook presence. Make sure that your Facebook Business page is complete and ready to convert users before starting your first Facebook Ads campaign.

7.              You Can't Rely on Organic Traffic

Once you've run some ads on Facebook, you may think that you've boosted your Facebook page enough to go back to relying on organic traffic for conversions. However, if your campaign stops, the traffic will stop, as well thanks to the algorithm changes that Facebook has made in the past year.

8.              Incorporate Data From Your Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights are designed to give you more information about the type of content that people on Facebook want to see from your business. Use this data to your advantage as you design your campaign creatives for the best results.

9.              Focus on Users Who Are Likely to Convert

Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook Ads should be used to target the users who are most likely to convert. Focus on users who are most likely to support your business.

The Facebook Ads platform is unlike any other social advertising platform and it is important to understand the subtle differences and best practices for using Facebook Ads before you initiate your first campaign. Following these tips can help you ensure that your first campaign gets off to a great start!

Brian Hong


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